Vide Cor Meum

Yesterday’s Daily Post – This Is Your Song – suggested we pick a favourite song and title that after a blog post. While this is an awesome way to come up with post ideas, I particularly like the challenge because it creates room for some interesting stories and experiences.

“See My Heart” is the meaning of my title. I only just looked that up because I was satisfied with the impression of the song and opted not to concern myself with its actual meaning. It captivated me during the first season finale of the TV series Hannibal, delivered superbly by Sarah Brightman. How ingeniously apt for that soundtrack to be brought up when the true nature of the cannibal became apparent to the protagonist, and he stood face to face with his enemy, nothing but complete understanding passing between them.

But going beyond the TV show, the song particularly resonates with me because without any conscious understanding of its words it somehow manages to elicit an intense flow of emotion from me as a result of what I perceive its meaning to be. For me the song suggests a baring of the soul, a release from pretense and false airs, a formerly caged bird soaring free – this is who I am and I refuse to be anything or anyone else. It proclaims purity, plain and simple for the world to see.

I stare out to space and am brought close to tears every time I play this piece of musical art, and I can honestly say I don’t know why. But if I were to guess, I’d say that although I haven’t a clue what the rest of the song means, there is an authenticity and sincerity which seems to be the essence of it, and in today’s world where honesty is a nearly-extinct moral, it is an extremely beautiful thing to experience.

You can sample the song here and thank me later. Enjoy it!


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