Confronting The Dark One

I got up around 7:00am and immediately drew back the curtains to let the glorious daylight in. The toilet call came next, followed by my morning exercise. Ten minutes in, I started feeling lethargic and knew a workout wouldn’t work out, so I quit the self-deceit and slumped, face first, back on my bed.

Minutes later, I tried to get up but couldn’t. Wondering why I felt so heavy, I again attempted to rise but failed. Then I realized the room was dark. From the periphery of my vision, I noticed the curtains were shut.

That’s when it hit me: I was dreaming! And the reason I couldn’t move (and felt an odd sense of foreboding) became clear. My dark visitor was here. The realization hit me like a train in the face. Anger, white hot and blinding, yet tempered by that all-too-familiar terror, flooded my brain instantly. I was NOT in the mood for this.

He lay prone on my back. As I was also face down on the bed, I struggled to turn around, and in doing so made out the outline of his monstrous, jet-black face. For the first time ever, I was literally face to face with my nemesis. He had me pinned down with his enormous, unyielding weight, and I was going nowhere. As soon as I saw him, perhaps because my fear was tempered by anger, some rational thought came through, and I recalled reading that engaging an extremity could snap one out of the spell. So I concentrated with everything I had and almost immediately, wiggled my toes – my actual toes!

Courage and elation caused adrenaline to shoot through me, so much so that I decided to fight back against the persistent fiend. I struggled and pushed up against him. With my head half-turned, I saw his face contort with something resembling shock, anger and confusion all at once. This emboldened me, but I reminded myself that none of it was real. So I abandoned that line of action and concentrated on my toes.

Fairly easily, I started to wiggle them again. Slowly, then faster, until I moved the entire foot. Soon I was kicking and bucking and shrugging my unwanted guest off me and into the depths of the nightmare whence he came.

I was awake!

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Photo credit: 
Battle, by MI.e MagnaLeon


11 thoughts on “Confronting The Dark One

  1. Literally, born this way. Was an insomniac for most of my life; sleepwalked and couldn’t sleep in a dark room. And then I learned to pray. Apparently asking for an event free sleep rest is a way of telling myself that I’ll have a great sleep. It works miracles. If I forget, they come back.


    1. For sure one seeks out God when being chased by demons! Although I mostly do so after the fact instead of before.
      I’m glad you found a path to peaceful nights again. I should take a cue from you. Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It is, because you’re so powerless against it. And one can’t postpone sleeping indefinitely!
      I hope your daughter’s completely off it now though? It’s not something a child should go through.


      1. She’s 23 now, going to school and working in a different state. I know she still has trouble sleeping. I hadn’t thought about her night terrors in a while.

        It’s one of the reasons I loved your piece. It allowed me to connect to what she must have felt.

        She’d be staring up at nothing, screaming with blank – horrible – eyes. Terrifying.


    1. 18 years! I’ve had it sporadically for some years, but my episodes are a lot more frequent now. This was my first ever “victory” against it. Good luck fighting yours, and thanks for your comment.

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