All These Words

Eloquence is not only important for pure aesthetic value, but for the power it has to convey thought, with the least chance of misinterpretation.

– John Amaechi

I first heard this from the psychologist way back in his NBA-playing days. I immediately stored it in my memory bank, and frequently recite it as a mantra when writing. I like words. I like bringing them together to form pretty sentences. But what use is this if my true meaning is lost on the reader or listener? It’s just a nice little way to check myself when I’m over- (or under-) doing it.

And that concludes the three-day quote challenge. I hereby nominate these good fellows to participate if they feel so inclined:

Tim Johnides


Post 1-3 quotes for three days, then nominate three other bloggers to do the same. No pressure here; I’m simply spreading the love. Cheers!


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