A Literal Eclipse

News of the impending celestial manifestation reached me less than twelve hours before its occurrence. I didn’t have to brush it aside enviously as this time, it was accompanied by the information that most of Sub-Saharan Africa would see it as well! A quick scouting of Google confirmed this, and not even the fact that it would only be a partial solar eclipse, could eclipse my child-like excitement. What can I say? Life is somewhat dull at the moment. We’d had relentless rain for weeks and storm clouds reigned supreme in the heavens. I was outside at 7am the next morning, scanning the eastern horizon for the show. But the day was to be no different, and I was already being baptized by light showers. Still I stood obstinately and hopefully, praying the clouds away. Just when I was about to give up, the last of them cleared, and Iet’s just say I was ill-prepared for what happened next.

Seconds later, I rang my mother to inform her of the on-going eclipse. Not only was she already watching it, she’d been temporarily blinded too. I scolded her for ever looking directly at the sun, never revealing my own slip-up in the process, and secretly fearing for my eyesight as well. So radiant was the sun, I knew my regular shades would not suffice. Still I put them on, rather belatedly. I’d quite forgotten about the ultra-brilliant light that went with an eclipse.

As I could not even look at the thing, all that remained was to point and shoot my camera, and pray its lens didn’t feel the burn like my poor retinas did. This was the result:

Do you see it? Look closer.

All in all, not a terribly wasted day eh?

Daily Post Prompt, Eclipse

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