Know Your Onions

Know your onions.

I thought I knew mine. Thought I’d gotten pretty good at “consistently irregularly writing down something on my blog for the world to see”. Then one day I realized it had somehow gotten away from me. I walked into my pantry and barely recognized said onions. Like my writing, they’d been neglected, forgotten, desperately searching for an exit.

Running wild, searching for an out

It catches on quickly too. You grow lax and lazy about one thing, next thing you know, everything’s out of control and the yams are throwing a party too.

Reaching for the light

Oh, well. Life happens. We all know the drill. This isn’t a comeback story. I’m just attempting to continue something I love doing, but stopped for some reason. It’s me stoking the fire—renewing the passion for my craft.


5 thoughts on “Know Your Onions

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