Disclaimer: Jon Snow and I are exactly alike – we know nothing. So expect to find no expertise in any subject matter contained herein.


Welcome aboard! My name, for all intents and purposes, is Citse [/sit-say/]. I’m a young woman, born and raised, also living and working in Nigeria.

This blog is a potpourri of everything. Just me writing down things. I intend to carve a niche for anything I’m interested in here. Maybe. Hopefully. If I can find the time. We’ll see. I’ve started with a few, and have categorized the site, for easy navigation, into the following:

My sometimes sweet, mostly blood-curdling, but always vivid and entertaining dreams or nightmares can be found, ironically, in Waking Life. All things non-prose are tossed under Poetry. My treasured short stories are in Shorts, photography in Snaps, and everything else can be found in Medley.

Thanks for taking the time to be here. Happy reading!

Twitter: @citse_words
E-mail: citse_words@yahoo.com.
Otherwise, please use the contact form below to message me directly.



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