Staffing Requirements

A black panther has found me lying on the floor—grimy, hungry, and reeking of neglect. My clothes are torn in fifty places; the soles of my flip-flops almost worn off. The harsh light of the street lamp glares off my platinum blonde hair. He sniffs at it, irritated.

“Thought I told you to wash this off.” A calm statement loaded with disapproval, I am uncertain whether a reply is required or not.
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Confronting The Dark One

I got up around 7:00am and immediately drew back the curtains to let the glorious daylight in. The toilet call came next, followed by my morning exercise. Ten minutes in, I started feeling lethargic and knew a workout wouldn’t work out, so I quit the self-deceit and slumped, face first, back on my bed.
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White Feathers, Black Intentions

I was visiting a foundation in Mexico City – a sanctuary for big cats rescued from various distressing situations. The resident felines ranged from maltreated circus lions, to “pet” tigers purchased by people who wrongfully believed they could be domesticated. Although this haven housed mostly big cats, it was also home to a couple of other animal species, notably dogs. But I was there for the exotic creatures, and was about to be enthralled by one such animal.
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